Play - It Works!


When work groups only see each other in stressful “all work / no play” mode, they can get locked into the same way of relating with each other. The incentive to try new things evaporates. Morale and the ability to cope with stress slips a little more each day. As group 'aliveness' evaporates, business performance may spiral downward.


Play is the fastest way to interrupt this cycle. People emerge from Howard Moody’s playshops more alive, energized, focused and committed to their teams and their organization. Their natural social intelligence is reawakened and there is a shift in how they relate to each other.


 More than what people think of as play, Howard weaves together valuable training modalities including effective communication tools, teambuilding skills and stress management techniques.


The effects of this “Play Shift” is that people feel freer to risk and create innovative ideas and solutions. Something magical and rejuvenating happens. Stress levels are lowered, morale increases and a new kind of appreciative and collaborative spirit takes hold. Work never goes back to being all work.


Lasting Effects


The Benefits are tangible when teams come back to work. Here are some of the lasting effects you can count on.

• Raises laughter and humor levels. Everyone copes better.

• Activates the body’s natural stress management circuits.

• Tensions dissolve naturally.

• Workers become more lively, more alert, have better attention.

• Improves mental performance. People learn faster and better.

• People are more imaginative, innovative, positive, open to possibility.

• Lowers defensiveness. Increases trust, appreciation and caring.

• People are more resilient to job pressure and back each other up.




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