Howard Moody

& the Heart of Play




"It seems that much of your work is focused on education and children?"


Yes, that is my strongest focus however I have actually have spent a good part of my career facilitating workshop on stress management through play and humor, team-building and wellness workshop with adults and the organizations they work with. Please see my client list. I love helping people in organizations."We have tried team building programs in the past and although fun for most some people who are introverted have a hard time with them?"


Great question. I pride myself in engaging everyone in what I do in a manner in which everyone feels safe and connected. I have learned how to create an environment of safety, laughter and inclusion.


"I don’t see on your website how much you charge for your presentations."


So much of what I teach is about flexibility, adaptability, mindfulness and listening. Each organization has their own unique budgets and needs. I always want to speak with a group first to find out what their needs are and then make a proposal based on what I have learned in that intake. One group may only want a 1 hour introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach or another may want a 3 hour team-building presentation. Once I learn what a groups needs are then I can custom design a workshop and quote a fee and begin the negotiation process. If I put a set fee on what I do it might not meet someone needs and then they won’t even engage in the process of contacting me and seeing what we can do together.





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