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Howard Moody has been teaching and facilitating play for 20 years. His playshops are designed to be rapid interventions that unlock any organization’s energy and intelligence. He’s proven that play can change group energy without the need for training or “work” of any kind.


 Affiliated with Idea Champions, a leading world-wide innovation organization, Howard works with Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. He also offers special educational packages for educators and schools.



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Howard Moody has been offering his playshops for over 20 years and he specializes in designing team building, stress reduction, and wellness presentations. He has trained with the New Games Foundation, Project Adventure and the Professional Play Leaders Association. He has studied Original Play with Fred Donaldson founder of the international playmate project. Howard has also been a consultant with the Disney Development project and Kidsports International.


Howard has been also been a teacher and successful coach of numerous sports for many years and deeply understands the value of creating effective teams and how to achieve peak performance. Howard is also a Senior Consultant with Idea Champions a world leader in creativity, innovation, and brainstorming. Howard has provided programs for 100's of organizations, and his mission is to help transform the 21st century workplace into an environment that encourages people to be themselves and operate at the highest level of insight, creativity and teamwork imaginable.


Howard has been a faculty member at the Omega Institute for Holistic studies for many years and he is also the co-founder of The Adventure Game Theatre, an extraordinary interactive learning process (featured on PBS and NPR). Howard, along with Brian Allison, co-founded the Adventure Game Theatre (AGT) in 1985. Through the process of developing AGT, Howard and Brian created a unique form of play and personal growth for teens and adults. Combining experiential learning with creativity, improvisational theater, play, community building, mythology and storytelling they have brought magic into many young people’s lives. AGT evolved into the Wayfinder Experience which was created and now run by all the young staff people that Howard and Brian trained. Howard has also taken this work and adapted it with Wayfinder and Valarie Paradiz to work with Students on the Autism spectrum particularly students with Aspergers syndrome.


Play in its many forms is Howard's passion, and his mission is to share the value and gifts that play offers to everyone.




phone: 845.679.2043

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