Why Play Works


When training takes place in an atmosphere of openness and humor and people take the time to play together there is a shift in the group energy. Once people who work together, play together, they see the fun loving, inventive dimensions of each other often for the first time, and they reset to new, higher levels of cooperation.


 Imagine a few hours of group experience that allows workers to return to work feeling different about each other. Imagine group laughter and camaraderie strengthened without “training” – naturally and permanently. Imagine an experience where peak performance, creativity and innovation are activated in each individual, shifting the relationships and attitudes of everyone in the room. This is why play works! It creates a lasting culture change that transforms work teams, workplaces and organizations.


Workers around the world have a habit of settling into routine ways of relating to each other. Placed into an “all work” situation with their colleagues, they fall into a social rhythm that keeps them functioning on autopilot, far short of their peak potential.


Introducing play to a team is like throwing open a window in a stuffy room. Group energy shifts that quickly. When workers play together, they can feel the full energy of their group come alive. Teams learn more good things about each other in one day of play, than they will by spending years in a conference room.


The best 21st century companies are fun places to work. They draw top talent because great ideas thrive in a playful environment. If play isn’t part of your culture yet, we invite you to watch Howard’s video above. When you’re done, find out more about... Play: It Works!





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