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Programs are designed to meet each organizations unique needs. One to three hour modules, daylong workshops or keynote presentations are available. Ideal also for retreats and conferences.


Any presentation we design contains one or more of these main threads: Play and Humor, Creativity and Innovation, Team building and Morale and Appreciation.


Keynotes or presentations:

Stress Management Through Play and Humor (Workshop)

A must for those people who are overworked, and underplayed. This is our most often requested program!!!


Mastery Is Where Play and Work Become One (Keynote)

Maximizing your full potential


The Power of Being in The Moment (Workshop or Keynote)

How the simple skills of Improvisational theater help us effectively embrace change


Attitude of Gratitude (Workshop)

Using Humor and Appreciation to create

an Inspiring and Productive Workplace


Yes Play works!!!!! (Workshop)

Building leadership and Team Skills

though Improvisation and play


Playing with Ideas (Workshop)

The Importance of Play in the Creative Process


Play is Fun-damentally Important (Workshop)

Building Team Morale through play





Play is the way children learn. Howard Moody creates fun, engaging and unique trainings for Educators. Howard began as a teacher and has created many play programs presently used at the camps and schools. Woven throughout these trainings are the elements of humor, teambuilding, appreciation and creativity; all vital tools for any educator.



Stress Break for Teachers - Managing Stress Through Play and Humor

A truly fun, informative, and meaningful in service training.


All About Play

Why play is so important for children at all ages of development and adults too. Actual tools and activities that work with kids.


The Gifts of Gratitude and Appreciation – Building Morale

Give this gift of fun to your teachers all while learning the benefits that appreciation and play have to offer.


The Origins of Play

Training on the skills of Original Play

“Play is when we don’t know we are different from each other” David – age 5


Imagination, Creativity, Myth, and Storytelling

Why storytelling is considered the finest form of education and how it stimulates creativity and Imagination.


"Imagination is more important than Knowledge” -Einstein


The Importance of Recess

How to make play and recess fun for everyone.


Full program descriptions available on request.


"Play is the only activity in which the whole educational process is full consummated." – N.V. Scarfe


"In the early formative years, play is almost synonymous with life. It is second only to being nourished, protected and loved. It is a basic ingredient of physical, social and emotional growth." – Ashley Montague.


"Play is vital to all humanity. It is the finest education system known to man." - Neville Scarge



Howard Moody is the co-creator of the Adventure Game Theatre which has been featured on PBS, NPR and in Mothering magazine. Howard has been an athletic coach for twenty years as well as being a teacher and he has presented hundred of workshops on the values of cooperative play and New Games. The Adventure Game has recently been adapted very successfully to work with children on the Autistic spectrum. Click HERE for Howard's complete biography.



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