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I am glad to know there are so many excellent sources of information on play in this world, and I am also very happy to share them with you in the form of the following list. May your collection of play resources continue to grow and enrich your life and  the lives of those around you. Let us Play!



Books on Play, Education and Parenting


Parenting for Peace, by Marcy Axness, Ph.D.; First Sentient Publications; edition 2012


Play, by Stuart Brown, M.D., with Christopher Vaughn; Avery; 2009


Playful Parenting, by Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D.; Random House Publishing; 2001


Spark, by John J. Ratey, M.D., with Eric Hagerman; Little Brown & Company; 2008


The Way of Mindful Education, by Daniel Rechtschaffen; W. W. Norton & Company; 2014


Whole Brain Child, by Dan J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.; Delacorte Press; 2011



Improv Books


Improv Wisdom, by Patrica Ryan Madson; Bell Tower of Random House; 2005


Playing Along, by Izzy Gessel; Whole Person Associates; 1997


Zoomy Zoomy, by Hannah Fox; Tusitala Publishing; 2010


Nurtured Heart Approach Books and Resources


Transforming the Difficult Child, by Howard Glasser and Jennifer Easley; Nurtured Heart Publications; 1999


Igniting Greatness, by Howard Glasser and Melissa Block; Center of the Difficult Child; 2015


Notching Up the Nurtured Heart Approach, by Howard Glasser and Melissa Lynn Block; Brigham Distributing; 2011


Play Equipment


Epic Toys — In a number of games were mentioned foam swords. The go-to resource is from my friend "Shaggy" Aaaron Hoffer-Perkins


S&S worldwide — One the better catalog companies for PE equipment and much more.


Play Organizations Massachusetts Educational Website — A wonderful set of standards for social emotional learning thru play


Eastern Cooperative Recreation School (ECRS)— A recreational collaborative that provides intergenerational retreats for over seventy-five years resulting in an incredible amount of fun for everyone,


Hand in Hand Parenting — Play-oriented resource for parents, (650) 322-5323


Great Activities Publishing Company — Great games for elementary educators,, (800) 927-0682


Life is Good Playmakers — Wonderfully affordable training’s for front line caretakers of young children,, (503) 227-0803


Playmeo — A great resource to see games that are video taped and how to lead them


Playworks — An organization helping to restructure recess in all major metropolitan areas,, (864) 814-2230


Project Adventure — The premier experiential learning organization. Great resource for trainings and books on team-building,, (978) 542-4800


ReTribe — Great rites of passage programs for teens,, (802) 371-5027


The Wayfinder Experience — A fantasy-role-playing theater camp for teens, based on the program originated by Howard Moody and Brian Allison,, (845) 481-0776


Also I highly recommend everyone who works with children from age 3–8 to take a training with Life is Good Playmakers. Also go the web site for the Great Activities Publishing company as there is wealth of resources there for this age group.





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