Howard Moody & the Heart of Play 

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Building Relational Trust
and Connection through Play

Passionate Play Leadership

For over thirty years I have led workshops which focus on joy, cooperation, and connection. 

More and more I have come to the simple realization that everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging. 

Many of today’s challenges in education, in organizations, in society, and in our individual lives can boil down to people feeling disconnected and feeling like they don’t belong. One of the best remedies for this growing epidemic of alienation is creating connection and belonging through play.

The Need for Communities of Care

The last few years have seen many stresses placed on education and all its members including teachers, parents, staff and students. Now more then ever it is vital to create environments that are safe, engaging, responsive and mindful that can meet as best as possible the wide variety of needs of all members of the community.
New research is showing that many students have experienced trauma and it is vital to create safety and trust to guide them into a positive learning environment where they feel safe and connected. Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness and Restorative Practices are being used more and more to support this process.
The Heart of Play interweaves the importance of play in all these practices and provides trainings and workshops, that are informative, connecting and impactful, as well as fun, joyful, and relaxing. Combining all my years as a Play Specialist I help schools, teachers, educators, parents or anyone working with children by offering them truly engaging, informative and fun trainings on the importance of play in all aspects of learning. 

In these training’s you will lean the tools, games, exercises and processes that can be interwoven into any educational arena. Educators benefit greatly from expanding their “tool kit”, learning kid-tested games and activities that support the social, emotional, and physical needs of all students.

Recent training at Camp Calumet

Howard talks about the necessity of play

Play is how children learn, grow, and experience the world. This article describes how play can support youth social-emotional well-being. fostered through socially engaged play. Click on the image to open the PDF article in a new window. (3.9 MB)