From families to school groups to major corporations, we all need healthy play opportunities, embodying all the character traits associated with social skills and emotional intelligence.

Heart of Play

Integral Social Play (I.S.P.) describes the range of interpersonal qualities being worked on over the course of a series of games when led by a skilled facilitator.
Activities can range from team-building, to running around playing tag (in its numerous manifestations), to improv theater exercises and mindfulness practice.

Nurtured Heart Play

Based on the work of Howard Glaser called the Nurtured Heart Approach (registered trademark), the games of Integrative Social Play have been used as a dynamic teaching vehicle for children.

Organizational Play

Whether it is a full day, half day, or one hour experiences as a gift of gratitude for your staff or a comprehensive training on stress management, conscious communication, teamwork or innovation and creativity these
training’s are delightfully fun and memorable.