Howard Moody & the Heart of Play 

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From families to school groups to major corporations, we all need healthy play opportunities, embodying all the character traits associated with social skills and emotional intelligence.

Heart of Play

Combining all my years as a Play Specialist I help schools, teachers, educators, parents or anyone working with children by offering them truly engaging, informative and fun trainings on the importance of play in all aspects of learning. 

In these training’s you will lean the tools, games, exercises and processes that can be interwoven into any educational arena. Educators benefit greatly from expanding their “tool kit”, learning kid-tested games and activities that support the social, emotional, and physical needs of all students.

Integrative Social Play (I.S.P.) describes the range of interpersonal qualities being worked on over the course of a series of games when led by a skilled facilitator.

Activities can range from team-building, to running around playing tag (in its numerous manifestations), to improv theater exercises and mindfulness practice.

Communities of Care

The last few years have seen many stresses placed on education and all its members including teachers, parents, staff, and students. Now more than ever it is vital to create environments that are safe, engaging, responsive and mindful that can meet as best as possible the wide variety of needs of all members of the community.

New research is showing that many students have experienced trauma and it is vital to create safety and trust to guide them into a positive learning environment where they feel safe and connected.

Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness and Restorative Practices are being used more and more to support this process. The Heart of Play interweaves the importance of play in all these practices and provides trainings and workshops, that are informative, connecting and impactful, as well as fun, joyful, and relaxing.

Retreats and In-Service Trainings for Schools and Educators

Self- Care and Communities of Care – Attending to our own self-care leads to having the energy to care for others.

Play and Restorative Practices – Restorative practices help to establish trust and connection. Play is mightily helpful in this process.

How Play and SEL go hand in hand – Children experience the world through play and it is how they learn to be in community and develop social-emotional intelligence.

Recess is Important – Skills, tools, and guidelines on how to make recess fun, effective, and emotionally safe.

Morale and Team Building for Staff – Ideal when less time is available for one day or longer retreat and trainings.

Improv Theater: Skills for Life – Keynote for larger groups that touches upon the importance of imagination, creativity and teamwork in all areas of learning.

Conscious Communication – An in-depth training in the importance of effective communication among all ages and how empathy, and deep listening are the cornerstone of connection.

Each organization is unique in its needs so contact me and we can discuss how to design a workshop specifically for you.

Workshops and Trainings for Organizations

Over my 30 years of facilitation many of my workshops have been for non-profits and companies of all kinds. My books are focused more on education however the process of well led play, improv, communication and laughter work for all ages.

Whether it is a full day, half-day, or one-hour experiences as a gift of gratitude for your staff or a comprehensive training on stress management, conscious communication, teamwork or innovation and creativity these trainings are delightfully fun and memorable.

Morale and Team-Building for Staff – A reward and morale boost for employees.

Improv Theater: The Art of Possibility – A keynote for larger groups that touches upon the importance of imagination, creativity and teamwork in all areas of learning.

Laughter Yoga – Laughter is the greatest stress reliever there is and Laughter yoga is a simple and dynamic exercise modality that is simple and effective.

Improv Theater: Skills for Life – A training for team-building and communication.

Conscious Communication – An in-depth training in the importance of effective communication and how to respond effectively during conflict and how healthy communication is vital to a positive and productive work environment.


Improv Theater: Skills for Life — Learn skills of flexible thinking, creative problem solving, taking risks and making your teammates look good. A fun and interactive presentation.

Emotional Responsibility

Learn to understand your emotions and respond effectively to challenges in your life and at work.

List of Clients

St. Paul’s School for Girls

Alpha School

Gateway School

Harbour School

Banyan School


Mount St Mary College

Hartwick College

Queens College

The Broad Institute

Special Olympics

Open Center For Autism

Omega Conference on Autism

APSIE School

Ulster County BOCES

Unison Learning Center

Arlington Public Schools

Assumption College

Solebury School

High Meadow School

American Society of Executives

Global Alliance For Transforming Education

Connecticut State Department of Education

New Brunswick Board of Education

Conference Vision Council of America

Connecticut Association of Non Profits

Connecticut Association for Residential Facilities

Community Partners in Action

Newfield Network for Coaching

Connecticut Primary Care Corp.

American Water Resources

Bradford Library Day Camp

Building Bright Futures

Springfield H.S.

Shelbourne Community school

Burlington School District

Potsdam School District

Oswego BOCES

Cambridge School of Weston

Mid Hudson Education Program

Middle Way School

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

Rowe Conference Center

Phonecia Pathwork Center

Disney Development Corp.

Whole Foods

Kraft Foods

Hartford Insurance Company


Digital Corp

Rockport Shoes


Tommy Boy Music

Siemens Corp.

Casey Family Services


Heart Inc.

Chrysalis Center, Inc.

Public Allies

Hartford Aids project

Management Technology Conference Assn. for Fitness & Business